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6 Pc Vinyl Record Shelf Display; Beautiful Pine Wood Vinyl Record Wall Mount Floating Record Shelves for Albums


Product Description

  • DISPLAY YOUR FAVORITE ALBUMS: You can now take your favorite vinyl record albums out of those milk crates because our solid pine wood vinyl record displays make it easy to showcase the best of your vinyl album collection without covering the artwork!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ENTHUSIASTS: Ideal gift for the music enthusiast who wants a designer wall mounted vinyl shelf display system for showcasing their prized vinyl record collections!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY RECORD DISPLAY: Each strong and sturdy vinyl record shelf measures 13.75” L x 2.75” W x .75” H and can easily hold a single and double 12 inch LP. Set of 6 record holder come in beautiful brown or black finishes covered with a durable varnish for long lasting protection. All mounting hardware is included!
  • IMPROVE YOUR HOME DECOR: These hand crafted solid pine record holder shelves are bound to add an elegant touch to any living space, the floating design allows you to turn your classic album collection into a vinyl record wall display for your home or office!
  • PATENT PROTECTED QUALITY GUARANTEE: At Karavella exceeding our customers’ expectations is important to us. If you’re not completely satisfied with our Wall Mounted Vinyl Holder Record Display Shelves we’ll happily give you a full refund!

Ditch Those Ugly Milk Crates And Show Off Your Album Collection In Style!

Remember how proud you were when you first bought that favorite piece of vinyl? You probably listened to it over and over, practically wearing out needle after needle on your turntable! Then you bought your next album and your next album. Until you finally had an awesome collection started. But what did you do with that awesome collection? You needed a way to store it, so you decided to use milk crates and they worked. The albums fit in perfectly and the crates could be stacked to save space. Great idea, until you wanted to show off your favorite album, then you had to dig through the crates to find it! Not anymore, now you can proudly showcase your favorite vinyl collection prominently for all of your friends to see as a beautiful wall mounted display using Karavella Wall Mounted Vinyl Record Display shelves!

Great Vinyl Albums Should Be Seen As Well As Heard!

Karavella Wall Mounted Vinyl Record Display shelves are an essential accessory for any music enthusiast who wants to display their favorite vinyl record cover art in an eye-catching, creative manner. Showcase your album collection on a shelf so you can see it and enjoy it, that’s why it’s called cover art! Your vinyl records deserve to be shared and admired both audibly and visually! It is easier to enjoy your favorite albums when you have quick access to them and can easily switch them out! As an added bonus, the complimentary

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Best Record Displays Around
Looks great!
Beautiful record shelves! So easy to setup and look awesome!
Simple Elegance!

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